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Posted by:info  on 2015-11-22

Chemical UV absorber free - A safer choice of sunscreen product

UV ray is proven to be a known treat to skin, which causes irritation, aging and tumor.  Apart from protective clothing and hats, sunscreen lotion becomes the most important 'wear' to protect us from harmful UV radiation.

Choice of sunscreen lotion can be divided into two major categories, UV sensible chemicals that absorbs UV ray and dissipate as heat or as other non-harmful energy, which is commonly known as UV aborber, on the other hand, particals that utilizes their high refractive index nature to scatter or reflect away UV rays called UV blocker also known as 'physical sunscreen'.

Unfortunately, non of these two categories is able to do the entire job, therefore in most cases, you are most likely to find hybrid formula that contains both chemical and physical sunscreen on the market.  Some of the chemical sunscreen have been reported to cause skin irritation and rashes.  In many cases, chemical sunscreens' sun protecting potential will gradually decline as they reach toward the end of their shelf life.  

Pure physical sunscreen is benefit from its safe, non-irritating and long-sustainable property, which is suitable for sensitive skins, such as children or people who just had their skin abrasive treatment done.  But lack of sun protection factor(SPF) may be its biggist drawback, in order to achieve high SPF, large amount of mineral powder is poured into the formula, resulting like a white opaque muddy paste, which is unacceptable for a normal day time application, unless you are heading to the beach.

To meet the emerging market demand on physical sunscreen, different particle with different size and shape have been developed to encounter the problems, and nowadays, a SPF50+ with pure physical sunscreen can be done with very light and comfortable wearing texture, now available for your own private labling.

Physical sun blocker