PRODUCTS:Lyocell for mask

Posted by:info  on 2015-11-22

Mask with Lyocell fiber

Lyocell is the newest generation of cellulose fiber developed in the 90's, it has the ability to absorb and dissipate liquid at the rate of 50% quicker than before.  

Lyocell fibers are also gentle on the skin. The microscopic surfaces of lyocell  fibers, due to the nanofibrils, are smoother than the surfaces of modal, cotton  and wool, reducing skin irritation. It is the combination of this extremely smooth surface of lyocell and excellent moisture absorption that makes lyocell textiles feel so soft and pleasant to the skin, making them ideal for active wear, clothing for sensitive skin, and now for cosmetics facial mask.

At the mean time more than 80% of our customer chooses Lyocell fiber mask over the traditional Viscose Rayon / Polyester fiber mask to win more consumers' satisfaction.

Lyocell for mask