PRODUCTS:Crystal soft mask with natural flower patels

Posted by:info  on 2016-04-18

Crystal soft mask with visible flower patels, now offered for your own private labeling.

The brand new crystal soft mask exhibit outstanding moisture holding capacity, it slowly releases water to skin, keeps skin hydrate and completely covered.  The airtight cover broaden up the nutrient delivering pathway, enhances skincare performance.

The crystal soft mask's alluring translucent appearance extremely match with colourful flower patels, ground herbal pieces, shiny flakes..., etc., to create visually attractive soft mask, providing not only the touch and smell, but also visual satisfaction for the consumers.

Our self developed crystal soft mask exhibit good gelling property, it form a nice watery elastic gel after fully set, easy to lift and peel off in one piece, less dripping compare to traditional soft masks, making the job much easier for users, self application is not a problem any more.

Crystal soft mask with natural flower patels